Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Doug, Carol and Elwood here...we decided we need to know the "goings on" over there and think this would be a good space for you to tell all! (kinda the 2003 version of someone sending along pre-addressed and stamped envelopes in your suitcase!)
This is where you can dispell rumours about life in the desert and teach us what camels are really like as pets; vent about how much you miss things here, for example the lightning-fast pace at which decisions get made here at the college and hmmm, what else might you be missing over there?? Dairy Queen? The B.C. Ferries? Red Licorice? La Senza Girl? Costco? Hudson Mack?
We want to travel to exotic destinations vicariously through you!

The Village Idiots (Elwood, Carol, & Doug)

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